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With a sole mission to turn waste into utility products, Green by Goonj (GBG), an initiative of Goonj, upholds the values of sustainability at its core. In this age of fast fashion, by using discarded and unusable clothes, this range of products by GBG helps reduce damage to the environment by saving tons of material from going into landfills. Several gallons of water, is saved by upcycling the use of fabric already existing in the material chain.

The products are designed, hand crafted and curated by the women working with Goonj. By providing employment to hundreds of women from economically weaker sections of society, Goonj is helping to empower these women to lead a dignified life. Women at Goonj creatively combine oversized/torn clothes, unused ties, old audio and video tapes, old fabric, etc with their craftsmanship to produce a range of items like pouches, bags, wallets, conference folders, and home linen.

This initiative by Goonj, values even the last shred of cloth, and does not allow any part of it to enter the landfill.

All the denim and fabric used for the products, are carefully sorted and washed before upcycling into the new products.

Green by Goonj


Green by Goonj


Green By Goonj




“I am loving all the compliments  my new Green by Goonj tote bag is getting. The patchwork denim is unique and such a versatile addition to my wardrobe. I am very impressed by how well it has been crafted and that it is a zero waste product made entirely from recycled fabrics."

Tarini Monga, PhD Scholar, Max Plank Institute, Germany.

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