Frequently asked questions

"The doctor is a great person and an excellent physician. He is kind and approachable and is willing to share his medical knowledge with you and to take the necessary time to help you refine your clinic skills so you can be successful. You will be working in a fast pace clinic that sees 30-40 patients daily and will therefore have ample opportunities to interact with patients, take medical histories, perform physical exams, and present cases. At the end of this rotation you will feel confident and prepared for the next step of your career." - Juan "Excellent patient population and patient volume with diverse and interesting case presentations. The learning opportunities were endless in this rotation. The attending is a sound physician with excellent clinical acumen and patient care knowledge. He demonstrates his effective way of communication and interpersonal skills to his students while in an interview with his patients or their families. He is a sharp physician with an outstanding sense of humor and hence we always had a laugh or two. He always welcomes his students to ask him academic or patient care related questions and was more than willing to share his wealth of knowledge with us but like a good mentor, he also expected us to do our homework first." - Himagna "Student and patient friendly, vast range of clinical cases, students can directly communicate to patients and parents, the doctor is extremely knowledgeable in clinical areas and incorporates teaching into daily patient care. The doctor has high emotional intelligence and focuses on patient welfare. He cares about the students rotating through his office." - Madhu

"Working with this doctor has given me a good insight into the field of pediatrics in the US. He encourages the students to talk to patients and examine them and then have a brief discussion. This hands-on experience has boosted my confidence in clinical skills. I feel fortunate to have been associated with him early on in my career. I have found a great mentor. I recommend training with him." - Apurva