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Frequently asked questions

  • What does Green by Goonj do?
    Green by Goonj is an initiative built to utilise the last possible shred of cloth. The brand upcycles under/ nonutilised products from your wardrobes into products which can used by you. It aims towards sustainable fashion and circular economy.
  • Is it connected to Goonj?
    Green by Goonj is an initiative of Goonj which aims provide assistance to unrecognised communities across the country and voice their voices. Green by Goonj utilises the materials collected at various collection camps of Goonj to manufacture its products and assure that the former’s work in rural areas are unhindered by economic support.
  • Are you a registered body?
    As Green by Goonj is an initiative under Goonj, so the registration of Goonj stands valid for it. However, no third party is involved in the entire process of manufacturing, sales and advertising. Kindly refrain from accepting any external information about Green by Goonj or Goonj. You could contact us, to check the authenticity of the information.
  • Which places do you deliver your products?
    Our products are eligible for delivery all across the India and all the prices mentioned for the products are in INR.
  • What are the delivery charges?
    The stand delivery charges are Rs.99. However, with the city of delivery the charges might differ.
  • What materials are used to make the product?
    The fabric and other material used for making our products differ according to the requirement of the products as well as its availability at our processing centres of Goonj. Thus, the product shown might differ from the product which would be delivered to you.
  • Why can’t I return or exchange the material?
    We maintain a no return and exchange policy for all our products. We maintain very strict hygiene standards while manufacturing our products and the maintaining of the same becomes difficult once the final product is made. Thus, returning and exchanging make the sold material fall into the category of waste, thus we avoid such exchanges.
  • Can I sell these products to others?
    Green by Goonj doesn’t involve any third party. If you have intentions of selling the products, you will have to buy from us first and Green by Goonj wouldn’t be responsible for any complain launched by third party or people who haven’t purchased from us directly. We are not responsible if some person sells our products at a higher price after purchasing from us.
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